Maxgree ApS is a Denmark-based company founded by Jacob Honoré and Steffen Poulsen. Back in 2010 they began development of their Minecraft server hosting, and today Maxgree is acknowledged within the Minecraft-community in Denmark as well as internationally. The company provides game server hosting, and has from the get-go been focusing on hosting servers for the popular game of Minecraft. The choice of Minecraft came naturally. Having both played the game with great excitement, Jacob and Steffen realized that the availability of great server solutions were lacking. Since then, the goal of Maxgree has been clear. Specializing in providing Minecraft server hosting of many kinds, always aiming at giving customers the best gaming experience. With our unique Control Panel, we offer our customers a convenient way to easily personalize a server to suit specific needs. Through the years Maxgree has grown, and today we are proud to also offer server hosting for releases such as Craftbukkit servers (Bukkit) and Feed The beast (FTB).

Maxgree is continuously developing, but our ambition remains the same. We strive to be the best providers of gaming servers on the market. Interacting with our customers is important to us when expanding our software. By carefully listening to your wishes we can continue to improve our systems in a mutually beneficial manner.

Your opinion matters

Playing online should be fun, easy and inexpensive. We offer the Minecraft server hosting service that suits your specific needs, whether you want few or many players on your server. Our server solution is the best on the market, always seeking to fulfill the wishes of our customers. Consequently we have shaped Maxgree to be inexpensive, easy and secure to use, with special focus on user interaction. Customer service as well as our support staff are available for contact 24 hours a day. If you have any questions, issues or suggestions feel free to contact us via support@maxgree.com. We are always ready to help you, and we offer correspondence in both english and danish.

The environment plays a key role

We wish to play a responsible role in protecting the environment that surrounds us, and therefore we have our servers operating on 100 pct. green energy. If you choose us as your danish Minecraft server hosting partner, you are simultaneously recognizing that the environment matters in your everyday life.

We are looking forward to continuing our position as the best provider of Minecraft servers.

Maxgree Headquarter

Maxgree ApS
Tvaergyden 8
5550 Langeskov
VAT no.: 33 78 59 09

E-mail: support@maxgree.com