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Looking for inexpensive Minecraft server hosting?

For several years we have been specializing in Minecraft server hosting, and we have continuously been expanding upon our selection. Consequently we now also provide Craftbukkit server (Bukkit server) hosting as well as Feed The Beast (FTB) server hosting, with the possibility to add server plugins.

The best Minecraft servers

On our product site you will find a rich selection of Minecraft server hosting solution. Should you wish to try out a game server before ordering, you have the opportunity to play on one of our demo servers. The IP-address of the demo servers can be found by visiting the product site and choose the game you want to try.

Buy the cheapest Minecraft server

Most Minecraft fans often consider price before quality when selecting their Minecraft server host. Price and quality often go hand in hand, however this is not necessarily always the case. For reasons like this, figuring out the best game server on the hosting market can be somewhat of a jungle. We at Maxgree wish to combine price an quality. You get an inexpensive Miencratft server no matter what. The cost of your server will decrease if you buy a Minecraft server for a longer period of time . In this fashion you are able to save up to 30 pct. Evidently, this is an easy and simple way to buy a cheap Minecraft server.

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